Cascade Engineering Inc. (Cascade) is a structural engineering consulting firm that specializes in building structures. We offer personalized attention and customized services to building owners, facility managers, architects, developers, contractors, and public agencies. Cascade works with all types of construction materials and structure types. Our extensive portfolio includes many successful public works, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our team holds structural engineering licenses in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. Cascade is certified as an Emerging Small Business (ESB) in Oregon.


Combining Science and
Communication to
Support Project Design



Cascade Projects:

  • Commercial Designs
  • Residential Designs
  • Industrial Designs
  • Public Works Designs

First Blog! Residential Seismic Safety

Last summer's articles in the New Yorker by Kathryn Shulz "The Really Big One", and "How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes" stimulated a useful discussion between home owners, city governments and engineers about residential structural safety in an earthquake....


Cascade Engineering, Inc. was my choice on a recent very fast track project for Boeing. Dmitri came through in many ways: being attentive to all of the issues of construction and constructability, dealing with tough time-frames, clear communication, quick feedback and responses to questions and issues. He followed the project from the drawings all the way through the required site-inspections, even when the scheduling ended up being very inconvenient. Rock Shetler

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